Armbruster, Carl Ludwig

Carl Ludwig Armbruster
b: 18 JAN 1873
d: 03 APR 1954
Carl was baptised on May 9, 1873, at St. Boniface Catholic Church inMonterey, Nebraska, at the same time as Joseph Armbruster, son ofJoseph and Amelia Armbruster.
Godparents were: Henry Badendisher and Amelia Armbruster.

*this was copied from History Reminescence and biography of Nebraska.

In compiling a list of the representative farmers of Stanton County,Nebraska, a prominent place is accorded the name of Louis Armbrusterwho is a native of the state and a resident of this coounty for manyyears, where he has been engaged in agricultural pursuits. He hasdone his full share toward the development of the better interests inhis community, and enjoys the respect and esteem of all who knew him.He has a comfortable home and is the owner of a good farm presentlylocated in section 24.
Mr. Armbruster, the son of Sigmund and Kate Armbruster, was born inCuming county, Nebraska, 1873. The father was a native of Baden andthe mother of Luxembourg, Germany. The father who is about 66 yearsold, came to America when was just of age. He worked in differentparts of Iowa for some time, then came to Omaha, Nebraska, and engagedin farming. It was here that the Father and Mother married. Theythen came to Cuming County, Nebraska, and took up a claim, building aframe house for their dwelling.
It was here that the subscriber was born and he grew up in the pioneersurroundings of that time. Which were very different from the countryas it is now. Deer and antelope were frequently seen in those days.Prairie fires, also, were of frequent occurrance in the summer, andfarmed a great menace to the early settlers. Many times they wereforced to fight fires for hours in order to save their homes. Theirnearest market was Fremont, Nebraska, many miles away.
In 1897 the subscriber was united in marriage to Miss Julie Schulte.They were the parents of 7 children, named as follows: William, Kate,Anna, Sigmund, Ange, Albert, and Clarence.
Mr. Armbruster has served for 6 years as a director of s chools in thedistrict of his home, and has in other ways promoted the welfare ofhis community.


*birth date for Louis is from Death Certificate. History write-upstates 1873 as birth year.


1954 Obituary

STANTON, Neb. DNS ----- Carl Ludwig (Louie) Armbruster, 81,long-time resident of Stanton County, died about 4 o'clock Saturdayafternoon at his farm home six miles southeast of Stanton. He hadbeen ill a long time.
Funeral services will be held at 10 o'clock Tuesday morning at St.Peter's Catholic Church here, the Rev. John P. Downey officiating.
Burial will be in the Stanton Cemetery and pallbearers will be ChalresDenney, Rudolph Suchan, James Zoubek, N. B. Pont, Anton Drahota andHarold Sanders.
Mr. Armbruster was born Jan., 18, 1873, in Cuming County, but came toStanton County about 59 years ago. He was engaged in farming andcattle feeding most of his life.
He was married to Miss Julia Schulte in Cuming County Jan. 15, 1896.The observed their 58th wedding anniversary this year.
Mr. Armbruster is survived by his wife; three daughters, Mrs. E. D.McVaney of Norfolk, Mrs. Robert Gessner of Lincoln and Mrs. Floyd Pughof Casper, Wyo.: four sons, Clarence, Bert and William of Stanton andSigmund of Norfolk; 21 grandchildren; six great grandchildren, and onebrother, Edward Armbruster, San Francisco.
  • 18 JAN 1873 - Birth - ; Monterey, Cuming Co., Nebraska
  • 1954 - Burial - ; Stanton Cemetary, Stanton, NE.
  • 03 APR 1954 - Death - ; Stanton, NE.
  • 10 JAN 2003 - Record Change -
  • Occupation - Farming
  • Religion - Catholic
Anton Armbruster
15 JUN 1807 - 12 AUG 1869
Sigmund Armbruster
02 MAY 1844 - 23 FEB 1914
Maria Anna Hund
07 MAR 1807 - 26 JUN 1882
Carl Ludwig Armbruster
18 JAN 1873 - 03 APR 1954
John Tex
01 JAN 1801 - 09 JAN 1874
Katherina Tex
12 AUG 1849 - 16 JUN 1914
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Sigmund Armbruster
Birth02 MAY 1844Onsbach Achern, Baden Germany
Death23 FEB 1914 Anaheim, CA.
Marriage12 APR 1869to Katherina Tex at St.MaryMagdeline, Omaha, NE.
FatherAnton Armbruster
MotherMaria Anna Hund
PARENT (F) Katherina Tex
Birth12 AUG 1849Luxembourg, Germany
Death16 JUN 1914 Stanton, Nebraska
Marriage12 APR 1869to Sigmund Armbruster at St.MaryMagdeline, Omaha, NE.
FatherJohn Tex
MCarl Ludwig Armbruster
Birth18 JAN 1873Monterey, Cuming Co., Nebraska
Death03 APR 1954Stanton, NE.
Marriage15 JAN 1896to Julia Schulte at Sacred Heart Ch., Olean, NE.
MGodfred (Fred) Armbruster
Birth06 JAN 1875Montery, Cuming Co., Nebraska
Death07 NOV 1947Norfolk, NE.
Marriage06 OCT 1897to Matilda Sturbaum at St. Leo''s Cath., Snyder, NE.
MEdward John Armbruster
Birth06 MAR 1877Cuming Co., Nebraska
Death17 OCT 1967San Francisco, CA.
Marriage09 JUL 1900to Anna Rose Fox at Howells, NE.
FLouisa Armbruster
Birth28 OCT 1880Cuming Co., Nebraska
Death22 AUG 1907Stanton, NE.
MJohann Armbruster
Birth06 MAR 1882Cuming Co., Nebraska
Death28 FEB 1889Cuming Co., NE.
MJosef Armbruster
Birth09 JUN 1884Cuming Co., Nebraska
Death18 JUN 1886Cuming Co., Nebraska
FKaethi Armbruster
Birth28 JUN 1887Cuming Co., Nebraska
Death10 MAR 1888Cuming Co., NE.
MMichael Armbruster
Birth03 DEC 1888Cuming Co., Nebraska
Death12 DEC 1888Cuming Co., NE.
FAngela Armbruster
Birth1893Cuming Co., Nebraska
Death1893Cuming Co., NE.
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Carl Ludwig Armbruster
Birth18 JAN 1873Monterey, Cuming Co., Nebraska
Death03 APR 1954 Stanton, NE.
Marriage15 JAN 1896to Julia Schulte at Sacred Heart Ch., Olean, NE.
FatherSigmund Armbruster
MotherKatherina Tex
PARENT (F) Julia Schulte
Birth27 DEC 1872Germany
Death27 FEB 1963 Stanton, NE.
Marriage15 JAN 1896to Carl Ludwig Armbruster at Sacred Heart Ch., Olean, NE.
FatherJoseph Schulte (aka Karl Joseph)
MotherLouisa Walter
MWilliam George Armbruster
Birth30 JUN 1897Stanton, Nebraska
Death11 NOV 1974Stanton, NE. (at home)
Marriage14 FEB 1922to Pauline Marxer at St.Mary''s, Des Moines, Iowa
FKathryn Matilda Armbruster
Birth14 MAR 1899Stanton, Nebraska
Death11 NOV 1974Omaha, NE.
Marriage11 APR 1926to Eugene Dennis McVaney at St.Peter''sCathCh, Stanton, NE.
MSigmund Frederick Armbruster
Birth27 JUN 1902Stanton, Nebraska
Death12 OCT 1990Omaha, NE.
Marriage04 OCT 1925to Ruth Sarah McGonigal at St.Joseph, Wisner, NE.
FAngela Marian (Pete) Armbruster
Birth17 DEC 1903Stanton, Nebraska
Death21 MAR 1995Farmington, N.Mex (San Juan Manor)
Marriage15 JUN 1926to Floyd Edwin Pugh (div) at St. Peter''s Cath, Stanton, NE.
Marriage1966to E. L. Byers
MAlbert Harold Armbruster
Birth11 JUL 1905Stanton, Nebraska
Death04 FEB 1999Stanton, NE.
Marriage01 MAY 1933to Irene E. Radenz at StPeter''sCath., Stanton, NE.
FAnn Hedwig Armbruster
Birth25 OCT 1900Stanton, Nebraska.
Death27 AUG 1970Lincoln, NE.
Marriage24 AUG 1925to Robert Adrian Gessner at StPeter''s Cath., Stanton, NE.
MClarence Bernard Armbruster
Birth15 MAY 1907Stanton, Nebraska
Death12 APR 2001Stanton Co., Nebraska
Marriage19 JUN 1934to Zona Arlene Barr at St. Peter''s Cath, Stanton, NE.
Descendancy Chart
Carl Ludwig Armbruster b: 18 JAN 1873 d: 03 APR 1954
Julia Schulte b: 27 DEC 1872 d: 27 FEB 1963
William George Armbruster b: 30 JUN 1897 d: 11 NOV 1974
Pauline Marxer b: 26 AUG 1896 d: 29 JUN 1963
William (Billy) Armbruster b: 09 JUN 1924 d: 23 MAY 1936
Theodore Louis Armbruster b: 07 JAN 1927 d: 01 JUL 1985
Alice Biermann b: 16 MAY 1928 d: 27 SEP 1980
Daniel Joseph Armbruster b: 10 MAY 1932 d: 29 APR 1987
Anne Louise Armbruster b: 17 MAR 1954 d: 10 APR 2010
Kathryn Matilda Armbruster b: 14 MAR 1899 d: 11 NOV 1974
Eugene Dennis McVaney b: 14 FEB 1904 d: 19 JUL 1974
Mary Jeanette McVaney b: 08 MAR 1929 d: 19 JAN 2011
Harold Schwartz (div 82) b: 09 JUN 1928 d: 09 SEP 2001
James Patrick McVaney b: 13 AUG 1930 d: 18 FEB 1994
Thomas Dennis McVaney b: 27 OCT 1935 d: 19 DEC 1999
Donald Eugene McVaney b: 20 FEB 1940 d: 06 OCT 1992
Sigmund Frederick Armbruster b: 27 JUN 1902 d: 12 OCT 1990
Ruth Sarah McGonigal b: 01 NOV 1907 d: 01 JUN 1989
Mardelle Armbruster b: 13 FEB 1928 d: 09 MAR 2002
Robert I Cruse b: 20 DEC 1924 d: 09 MAY 2000
Alice Marie Armbruster b: 25 DEC 1935 d: 1935
Tom L. Armbruster b: 18 NOV 1939 d: 28 JUL 2012
Ann Marie Armbruster b: 07 JAN 1971 d: 07 JAN 1971
Angela Marian (Pete) Armbruster b: 17 DEC 1903 d: 21 MAR 1995
Floyd Edwin Pugh (div) b: 21 OCT 1901 d: 19 SEP 1982
E. L. Byers d: 06 SEP 1977
Albert Harold Armbruster b: 11 JUL 1905 d: 04 FEB 1999
Irene E. Radenz b: 02 JUL 1907 d: 21 JUN 1994
Dalbert Harold Armbruster b: 15 APR 1940 d: 07 SEP 2013
Ann Hedwig Armbruster b: 25 OCT 1900 d: 27 AUG 1970
Robert Adrian Gessner b: 22 NOV 1898 d: 20 DEC 1982
Eugene Adrian Gessner b: 22 JAN 1930 d: 03 NOV 2014
Clarence Bernard Armbruster b: 15 MAY 1907 d: 12 APR 2001
Zona Arlene Barr b: 11 APR 1911 d: 08 AUG 2003
Jeannie Katherine Armbruster b: 01 APR 1941 d: 27 DEC 1993