Hi Folks!

We are planning the BIG Armbruster Family reunion for Father’s Day Weekend June 14-16, 2013 in Stanton. Terry Armbruster has reserved the church hall for Sunday after the 11 am mass. Shari Chace is organizing the catering.

In addition to reminiscing and getting reacquainted there is some SUPER entertainment on tap.

The Great American Comedy Festival is in Norfolk on Thursday night and Friday night June 14 & 15 in the Johnny Carson Theater at the high school. Extremely funny and VERY affordable for big name stars.

We know you will all come but the real job is to get your KIDS and the GRAND KIDS to come! So your work is cut out for you. Have them save the date now before the vacation and sports schedules get booked. It is amazing and alarming how many there are but how scattered. It is the golden opportunity for them to meet each other as grown-ups.

More to follow.

Terry Armbruster
Denver, CO

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