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2018 Reunion day 1

2018 Armbruster Reunion off to a great start!

2018 Reunion day 1Well, we’re all here and got together at Michael’s Cantina for the first night of the reunion weekend!  Dorothy Jane and son Rick flew in from New Mexico, and Bob, Norma, Julie, and Andrew & Garth Gessner all made it in from New York.  Terry, Mary Joy, Matt, and Mary Beth and Keoki convened from Denver while Jan & Ken, Sandi, and Judy represented the locals.  And many, many more to come tomorrow!

We had a great night to kickoff the reunion with tons of stories, lots of questions, and a great abundance of hospitality.  After the Cantina, we rushed off to Stanton County Fairgrounds and caught arguably one of the best fireworks shows most any of us had seen!  Well done Stanton!

Stanton Fireworks

Once we all made the big commitment and effort to get here, seeing each other made us all realize THIS IS WORTH IT.

See you tomorrow!


Help us find the family and RSVP for the Reunion!

As much as you wouldn’t think it, we’ve had an increasingly difficult time these days trying to contact everyone for the Reunion (July 6-7-8!).  Folks have moved, some have died, land lines are disconnected, everyone’s got a new cell number and email address.  And there’s a whole new generation that we may not even know about!

Can you please help us?

Update your contact info here

And please, please share this email with all your family so we can find them too!

And don’t forget to RSVP Your Family for the Reunion!

Thank you!

Matt Armbruster
Denver, CO