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  1. Jeanne Bornefeld

    What a charming site. I looked at your people (down line) and I don’t see any resemblance to my Armbrusters. I am curious though – What religion are they?
    If we are related, it looks like probably before the Reformation because of the given name patterns. Many people sometimes are not related even though they are from the same area hundreds of years ago.

    The earliest Armbruster I have is Mathias Armbruster, born ca 1640, died 10 March 1720, Mittelhausen, Bas-Rhin, France. He was Catholic. His children with his wife, Barbara Bastian: Anne, b ca 1670 Bilwisheim, Bas-Rhin, married Valentin Arbogast; Catherine, b ca 1671, Rumersheim, Bas-Rhin, m 22 Jan 1704 Martin Gerber; Georges, b 1682, Bilwisheim, Bas-Rhin, m 23 April, Barbara Wind in Bilwisheim.

    My Arbogast family was from Mittelhausen.

    I have a copy of a page off microfilm of an old record I ordered through LDS. I ran into a break in the records and wondered how ancient the family is. It says: Johannes Armbruster, 1309 and Ursula. Much I cannot read, however their children appear to have been – Conrad, Albrecht, Obrecht, Cath. …

    Hans Armbruster died December 1393, s/o Obrecht Armbruster b ca 1290. Obrecht was s/o Johannes Armbruster and Edwige Epse.


    Jeanne Bornefeld

  2. Carolyn C Martinez

    I am searching Armbruster health history. Does anyone know if Viola daughter of Frank had macular degeneration. I seem to remember that. Aunt Eva Deen Armbruster did and I was just diagnosed with it. Thank you. Carolyn Armbruster Martinez


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