Schulte, Julia

Julia Schulte
b: 27 DEC 1872
d: 27 FEB 1963
Julia came to America from Germany with her parents at the age of 7.Appox. 1879.


Obituary taken from the Stanton Register.


Death came Wednesday for Mrs. C. L. Armbruster, 90, one of Stanton'solder residents.
She had been hospitalized for about three weeks.
The Rosary waas recited at the Schultz-Vogel Mortuary on Fridayevening, and funeral Mass was at 10 a.m. Saturday at St. Peter'sCatholic Church with the Rev. Fr. Kenneth Carl officiating. Burialwas in the Stanton cemetery.
Active and honorary pallbearers were grandsons Tom, Dal, Ted, John andTerry Armbruster, Don McVaney, Larry Hawkins, John Beeson and GeneGessner.

Born in Germany
Julia Schulte was born in Germany, Dec. 27, 1872, the daughter ofJoseph and Louisa Schulte. She came to the United States at the ageof 7. On Jan. 14, 1896 she married C. L. Armbruster. They residedon a farm east of Stanton until his death Apr. 3, 1954 when she movedinto Stanton.
Suvivors include her children -- Wm. G., Stanton; Mrs. E. D. McVaney,Norfolk; Mrs. R. A. Gessner, Lincoln; Sig, Norfolk; Mrs. Floyd E.Pugh, Casper, Wyo.; Bert and Clarence of Stanton; one sister---Mrs. A.A. Mulac, Alexandria, VA.; 26 grandchildren and 52 greatgrandchildren.
She was preceded in death by her parents, husband, three brothers andthree sisters.
  • 27 DEC 1872 - Birth - ; Germany
  • 1963 - Burial - ; Stanton Cemetary, Stanton, NE.
  • 27 FEB 1963 - Death - ; Stanton, NE.
  • 16 JUN 1998 - Record Change -
Julia Schulte
27 DEC 1872 - 27 FEB 1963
Louisa Walter
09 FEB 1841 - 18 SEP 1921
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Joseph Schulte (aka Karl Joseph)
Death18 OCT 1917 Dodge, NE.
Marriageto Louisa Walter at Germany
FatherGeorge Schulte
MotherAnna Bergus
PARENT (F) Louisa Walter
Birth09 FEB 1841Wupperfurth, Germany
Death18 SEP 1921 Dodge, NE.
Marriageto Joseph Schulte (aka Karl Joseph) at Germany
Marriage1921to John Bauer at StJosephNursing, Home, Dodge, NE; Quality: 3
FJulia Schulte
Birth27 DEC 1872Germany
Death27 FEB 1963Stanton, NE.
Marriage15 JAN 1896to Carl Ludwig Armbruster at Sacred Heart Ch., Olean, NE.
MJohn Herman Joseph Schulte (akaJr.)
Birth26 DEC 1869Wupperfurth, Germany
Death01 NOV 1978Norfolk, NE.
Marriage1895to Elizabeth Sturbaum at StLeo''s Cath., Snyder, NE.
FLouisa Schulte
Birth23 AUG 1871Wupperfurth, Germany
Marriageto Fred Wordeman
MWilliam (Wilhem) Schulte
Birth06 NOV 1874Wupperfurth, Germany
Death31 JUL 1955Dodge, NE.
Marriage07 SEP 1898to Susan Imsicke at StLeo''sCath., Snyder, NE.
FMary Schulte
Birth09 APR 1876Wupperfurth, Germany
MBernard Schulte
Birth14 APR 1878Wupperfurth, Germany
MEngelbert Schulte
Birth16 AUG 1879Wupperfurth, Germany
Marriageto Mary Yosten at Congregational Parsonage, Stanton, NE.; Quality: 3
FClara Schulte
Birth01 JAN 1882Olean, Nebraska
Death20 APR 1968Dodge, NE.
Marriageto Anthony Mulac at Congregational Parsonage, Stanton, NE.; Quality: 0
Marriage30 JAN 1902to August Miller at 3
FAnnie Schulte
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Carl Ludwig Armbruster
Birth18 JAN 1873Monterey, Cuming Co., Nebraska
Death03 APR 1954 Stanton, NE.
Marriage15 JAN 1896to Julia Schulte at Sacred Heart Ch., Olean, NE.
FatherSigmund Armbruster
MotherKatherina Tex
PARENT (F) Julia Schulte
Birth27 DEC 1872Germany
Death27 FEB 1963 Stanton, NE.
Marriage15 JAN 1896to Carl Ludwig Armbruster at Sacred Heart Ch., Olean, NE.
FatherJoseph Schulte (aka Karl Joseph)
MotherLouisa Walter
MWilliam George Armbruster
Birth30 JUN 1897Stanton, Nebraska
Death11 NOV 1974Stanton, NE. (at home)
Marriage14 FEB 1922to Pauline Marxer at St.Mary''s, Des Moines, Iowa
FKathryn Matilda Armbruster
Birth14 MAR 1899Stanton, Nebraska
Death11 NOV 1974Omaha, NE.
Marriage11 APR 1926to Eugene Dennis McVaney at St.Peter''sCathCh, Stanton, NE.
MSigmund Frederick Armbruster
Birth27 JUN 1902Stanton, Nebraska
Death12 OCT 1990Omaha, NE.
Marriage04 OCT 1925to Ruth Sarah McGonigal at St.Joseph, Wisner, NE.
FAngela Marian (Pete) Armbruster
Birth17 DEC 1903Stanton, Nebraska
Death21 MAR 1995Farmington, N.Mex (San Juan Manor)
Marriage15 JUN 1926to Floyd Edwin Pugh (div) at St. Peter''s Cath, Stanton, NE.
Marriage1966to E. L. Byers
MAlbert Harold Armbruster
Birth11 JUL 1905Stanton, Nebraska
Death04 FEB 1999Stanton, NE.
Marriage01 MAY 1933to Irene E. Radenz at StPeter''sCath., Stanton, NE.
FAnn Hedwig Armbruster
Birth25 OCT 1900Stanton, Nebraska.
Death27 AUG 1970Lincoln, NE.
Marriage24 AUG 1925to Robert Adrian Gessner at StPeter''s Cath., Stanton, NE.
MClarence Bernard Armbruster
Birth15 MAY 1907Stanton, Nebraska
Death12 APR 2001Stanton Co., Nebraska
Marriage19 JUN 1934to Zona Arlene Barr at St. Peter''s Cath, Stanton, NE.
Descendancy Chart
Julia Schulte b: 27 DEC 1872 d: 27 FEB 1963
Carl Ludwig Armbruster b: 18 JAN 1873 d: 03 APR 1954
William George Armbruster b: 30 JUN 1897 d: 11 NOV 1974
Pauline Marxer b: 26 AUG 1896 d: 29 JUN 1963
William (Billy) Armbruster b: 09 JUN 1924 d: 23 MAY 1936
Theodore Louis Armbruster b: 07 JAN 1927 d: 01 JUL 1985
Alice Biermann b: 16 MAY 1928 d: 27 SEP 1980
Daniel Joseph Armbruster b: 10 MAY 1932 d: 29 APR 1987
Anne Louise Armbruster b: 17 MAR 1954 d: 10 APR 2010
Kathryn Matilda Armbruster b: 14 MAR 1899 d: 11 NOV 1974
Eugene Dennis McVaney b: 14 FEB 1904 d: 19 JUL 1974
Mary Jeanette McVaney b: 08 MAR 1929 d: 19 JAN 2011
Harold Schwartz (div 82) b: 09 JUN 1928 d: 09 SEP 2001
James Patrick McVaney b: 13 AUG 1930 d: 18 FEB 1994
Thomas Dennis McVaney b: 27 OCT 1935 d: 19 DEC 1999
Donald Eugene McVaney b: 20 FEB 1940 d: 06 OCT 1992
Sigmund Frederick Armbruster b: 27 JUN 1902 d: 12 OCT 1990
Ruth Sarah McGonigal b: 01 NOV 1907 d: 01 JUN 1989
Mardelle Armbruster b: 13 FEB 1928 d: 09 MAR 2002
Robert I Cruse b: 20 DEC 1924 d: 09 MAY 2000
Alice Marie Armbruster b: 25 DEC 1935 d: 1935
Tom L. Armbruster b: 18 NOV 1939 d: 28 JUL 2012
Ann Marie Armbruster b: 07 JAN 1971 d: 07 JAN 1971
Angela Marian (Pete) Armbruster b: 17 DEC 1903 d: 21 MAR 1995
Floyd Edwin Pugh (div) b: 21 OCT 1901 d: 19 SEP 1982
E. L. Byers d: 06 SEP 1977
Albert Harold Armbruster b: 11 JUL 1905 d: 04 FEB 1999
Irene E. Radenz b: 02 JUL 1907 d: 21 JUN 1994
Dalbert Harold Armbruster b: 15 APR 1940 d: 07 SEP 2013
Ann Hedwig Armbruster b: 25 OCT 1900 d: 27 AUG 1970
Robert Adrian Gessner b: 22 NOV 1898 d: 20 DEC 1982
Eugene Adrian Gessner b: 22 JAN 1930 d: 03 NOV 2014
Clarence Bernard Armbruster b: 15 MAY 1907 d: 12 APR 2001
Zona Arlene Barr b: 11 APR 1911 d: 08 AUG 2003
Jeannie Katherine Armbruster b: 01 APR 1941 d: 27 DEC 1993