Armbruster, Sigmund

Sigmund Armbruster
b: 02 MAY 1844
d: 23 FEB 1914

Sigmund was the 8th child of Anton & Maria Hund Armbruster.

Sigmund landed in N.Y. 15 April 1865. (Day after President Lincolnwas shot.)
Took homestead in Cuming Co., Nebraska in 1869.
Lived there until 1892 when they bought land in Stanton County. Movedin 1893.
Moved to Anaheim, California in 1908. Lived here until his death in1914.

The Catholic Church in Stanton, Nebraska, is located on land that wasdonated by Sigmund Armbruster.

The last 5 children of Sigmund and Katherina died of Black Dyptheria.

Sigmund purchased some land in Kern County which upon his death wasgiven to his 8 Grandsons.

compiled by Bert Armbruster

In 1870 on November 2nd, Wm. Meyers received ownership by patent fromthe U. S. Government, price unknown, for 920 acres. In 1884 he soldthe land to Dan Meyers for $2400.00.
In 1892 Dan Meyers sold the land, then known as the Hereford Ranch, toSigmund Armbruster for $9000.00. The family at this time lived atMonterey, Nebraska, near the church between Wisner and Dodge,Nebraska. In the fall of 1892, his son C. L. Armbruster stayed withthe ranchers, on the newly acquired land in Stanton, to break sod asthere was very little farm land. Sigmund had a carpenter from WestPoint build the east house, (the one Bert and Irene raised theirfamily in). Then in the spring of 1893 Sigmund moved his family toStanton County, to their new home.
When C. L. and Julia Schulte, were married in January of 1896 theymoved into the old ranch house, where Dal and Carol now live.
As Fred and Ed, C. L.'s brothers were married, Sigmund moved to towngiving C. L. the home place, in Secion 24, the NE quarter of 160acres; Fred got in Secion 23, north across the road, 160 acres and Edgot the SE quarter in Section 24, of 160 acres. In 1905 C. L. boughtthe NW quarter in that section from his father, Sigmund, the price isunknown.
Sigmund and Katherine moved to Anaheim, California in 1908, until hisdeath in February of 1914. Katherine hold of his will, died in Juneof 1914. Both are buried in the Stanton Cemetery.
The will disclosed that C. L. would get 160 acres SE across the cornerfrom Ed's quarter and $5000.00 in cash. Fred was willed 120 acres,west and north of this quarter and $5000.00 in cash. Ed received thehouse in town and $3000.00 in cash. Later Fred sold his farm andbought Ed's house in town. In 1915 C. L. bought Ed's 160 acres andsold the corner southeast of Ed's land to Adam Denney. He also bought860 acres of sand hill pasture in 1902, which he fenced, making itinto three pastures. Keeping the best 320 acres he sold the othertwo, then lost the rest when the bank closed.
C. L. was President of the Elkhorn Valley State Bank, now the FirstNational of Stanton, in 1925, when state lawmakers started to changethe banking system of the guarantee funds. Alarming the people, theybegan withdrawing their funds causing a run on the bank, forcing itand several state banks to close.
Hoping to keep his bank open C. L. borrowed $5000.00 from each of hisclosest friends, to pay off depositors but failed, and he was left"holding the sack". C. L. had to declare bankrupcy. The foreclosuresale was advertised for three weeks in the local newspaper and onAugust 10, 1931 at 2 p.m. in front of the court house, all his landwent for sale. Bert's words, "It lasted one long hour. Dad and Iwere there but it wasn't a very good place to be with everyone we knewbeing there." Because of the bankrupcy, he was allowed to keep hispersonal property, livestock and old machinery but this too, was allmortgaged.
Adolph Wenke, C. L. 's attorney and close friend, bought the homequarter for $20,000.00. The Omaha National Insurance Company boughtthe SW quarter for $14,547.96. Bert and Clarence had an agreementwith Wenke to "rent the farm from him", making it possible for C. L.and Julia to continue living there. Bert said "It was hard to raise$1000.00 by May 1st and $1700.00 by the end of the year. But we didsomehow". Wenke knew how hard it was and I (Bert) couldn't get creditanywhere so he gave me a personal loan for $8000.00. In 1936,Clarence moved to a farm north of Stanton. I signed a note with Wenkefor $29,511.64, the price of the home place and interest. Also withthe Federal Land Loan Bank of Omaha for $14,547.96 plus interest. Icouldn't have gotten a loan without his help. Adolph Wenke said theonly reason he took the gamble was to save the home for his bestfriends, C. L. and Julia Armbruster and he thought I had the guts tomake a go of it."
C. L. had a stroke in the fall of 1934. He slowly became worse with(creeping paralysis); he had tried to stay active but graduallyworsened and had to be watched, as walking and talking became moredifficult for him.
Late in 1936, Bert put in the first irrigation well and the second in1939, both on 5 year installments. Things were finally starting toturn around for him then, with the irrigated crops.
Wenke needed his money in 1943 so Bert got a loan from The NorfolkProduction Loan Company and the farm was then put in the name of Bertand Irene Armbruster. They sold it to Dal and Carol Barmbruster in1973. In April of that year a tornado struck, demolishing the bigbarn, machine shed and several hog sheds. Many big trees wereuprooted and the house suffered, mainly window damage. Quoted fromthe Stanton Register, "The Dal Armbruster place was the hardest hitand they had to be the luckiest since the wind's path missed the houseby only a few feet, where Dal was talking on the telephone when itstruck". Fortunately there were no injuries but the loses weresevere, as just buying the farm and the economic outlook for farmersbegining to fade there was no insurance to help with these loses. Asthe farm crisis continues to worsen throughout the country in 1986,the fate of "the Armbruster Farm" is at the lowest.
*these facts and figures are taken from the abstracts recorded in theStanton County Court House as public knowledge in 1985. The personalnotes were taken from records of Bert and Irene Armbruster.

P.S. Note of April 18, 1986
To complete the History of the Armbruster farm, we would like you toknow that, because of circumstances beyond our control, we will bemoving and will have to sell the Armbruster home place.
Would you please pass this on to the other members of your family.Thank you.
Dal & Carol Armbruster.
  • 02 MAY 1844 - Birth - ; Onsbach Achern, Baden Germany
  • 23 FEB 1914 - Death - ; Anaheim, CA.
  • 15 APR 1865 - Immigration - ; Arr. NY., Later to Omaha, NE.
  • 10 JAN 2003 - Record Change -
  • Occupation - Farming
  • Religion - Catholic
Heinrich Armbruster
15 JUL 1779 - 17 FEB 1817
Anton Armbruster
15 JUN 1807 - 12 AUG 1869
Sophie Braun
08 MAY 1783 - 04 NOV 1829
Sigmund Armbruster
02 MAY 1844 - 23 FEB 1914
Maria Anna Hund
07 MAR 1807 - 26 JUN 1882
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Anton Armbruster
Birth15 JUN 1807Onsbach Achern, Baden Germany
Death12 AUG 1869 Onsbach Achern, Baden Germany
Marriage03 OCT 1831to Maria Anna Hund at Onsbach Achern, Baden Germany
FatherHeinrich Armbruster
MotherSophie Braun
PARENT (F) Maria Anna Hund
Birth07 MAR 1807Ulm Oberkirch, Baden Germany
Death26 JUN 1882 Onsbach Achern, Baden Germany
Marriage03 OCT 1831to Anton Armbruster at Onsbach Achern, Baden Germany
FMaria Josepha Armbruster
Birth02 JAN 1833Onsbach Achern, Baden Germany
Death14 FEB 1833Onsbach Achern, Baden Germany
MWendelin Armbruster
Birth01 AUG 1839Onsbach Achern, Baden Germany
Death21 OCT 1839Onsbach Achern, Baden Germany
FN. N. Armbruster
Birth28 MAY 1848Onsbach Achern, Baden Germany
Death28 MAY 1848Stillborn in Onsbach Achern, Baden Germany
FMaria Anna Armbruster
Birth08 JUL 1849Onsbach Achern, Baden Germany
Death08 JUN 1881USA
Marriageto Michael Ochsner at Almond, Wisconsin
MConstantine Armbruster
Birth19 JUN 1833Onsbach Achern, Baden Germany
Death29 DEC 1912Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Riverside, Iowa
Marriage03 NOV 1862to Ann Wombacher at St. Stanislaus, Riverside, Iowa
MSigmund Armbruster
Birth02 MAY 1844Onsbach Achern, Baden Germany
Death23 FEB 1914Anaheim, CA.
Marriage12 APR 1869to Katherina Tex at St.MaryMagdeline, Omaha, NE.
MJoseph Armbruster
Birth08 DEC 1846Onsbach Achern, Baden Germany
Death07 NOV 1900Cuming Co., Monterey, NE.
Marriage09 JAN 1871to Amalia Armbruster at StMaryMagdeline, Omaha, NE.
MHeinrich (Henry) Armbruster
Birth25 JUN 1836Onsbach Achern, Baden Germany
Death10 OCT 1860Richmond, Iowa
MKarl Andrew Armbruster
Birth30 NOV 1842Onsbach Achern, Baden Germany
MFrank Armbruster (Franz Anton)
Birth12 AUG 1845Onsbach Achern, Baden Germany
Death01 APR 1937Spring Creek, Oklahoma
Marriage1868to Elizabeth Ann Smith at Missouri
Marriage1898to Lou Brock
FMaria Anna Armbruster
Birth28 NOV 1837Onsbach Achern, Baden Germany
Death01 DEC 1837
FHelena Armbruster
Birth04 NOV 1840Onsbach Achern, Baden Germany
Death31 JUL 1891Onsbach Achern, Baden Germany
Marriage15 JUL 1867to Martin Weber at Onsbach Achern, Baden Germany
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Sigmund Armbruster
Birth02 MAY 1844Onsbach Achern, Baden Germany
Death23 FEB 1914 Anaheim, CA.
Marriage12 APR 1869to Katherina Tex at St.MaryMagdeline, Omaha, NE.
FatherAnton Armbruster
MotherMaria Anna Hund
PARENT (F) Katherina Tex
Birth12 AUG 1849Luxembourg, Germany
Death16 JUN 1914 Stanton, Nebraska
Marriage12 APR 1869to Sigmund Armbruster at St.MaryMagdeline, Omaha, NE.
FatherJohn Tex
MCarl Ludwig Armbruster
Birth18 JAN 1873Monterey, Cuming Co., Nebraska
Death03 APR 1954Stanton, NE.
Marriage15 JAN 1896to Julia Schulte at Sacred Heart Ch., Olean, NE.
MGodfred (Fred) Armbruster
Birth06 JAN 1875Montery, Cuming Co., Nebraska
Death07 NOV 1947Norfolk, NE.
Marriage06 OCT 1897to Matilda Sturbaum at St. Leo''s Cath., Snyder, NE.
MEdward John Armbruster
Birth06 MAR 1877Cuming Co., Nebraska
Death17 OCT 1967San Francisco, CA.
Marriage09 JUL 1900to Anna Rose Fox at Howells, NE.
FLouisa Armbruster
Birth28 OCT 1880Cuming Co., Nebraska
Death22 AUG 1907Stanton, NE.
MJohann Armbruster
Birth06 MAR 1882Cuming Co., Nebraska
Death28 FEB 1889Cuming Co., NE.
MJosef Armbruster
Birth09 JUN 1884Cuming Co., Nebraska
Death18 JUN 1886Cuming Co., Nebraska
FKaethi Armbruster
Birth28 JUN 1887Cuming Co., Nebraska
Death10 MAR 1888Cuming Co., NE.
MMichael Armbruster
Birth03 DEC 1888Cuming Co., Nebraska
Death12 DEC 1888Cuming Co., NE.
FAngela Armbruster
Birth1893Cuming Co., Nebraska
Death1893Cuming Co., NE.
Descendancy Chart
Sigmund Armbruster b: 02 MAY 1844 d: 23 FEB 1914
Katherina Tex b: 12 AUG 1849 d: 16 JUN 1914
Carl Ludwig Armbruster b: 18 JAN 1873 d: 03 APR 1954
Julia Schulte b: 27 DEC 1872 d: 27 FEB 1963
William George Armbruster b: 30 JUN 1897 d: 11 NOV 1974
Pauline Marxer b: 26 AUG 1896 d: 29 JUN 1963
William (Billy) Armbruster b: 09 JUN 1924 d: 23 MAY 1936
Theodore Louis Armbruster b: 07 JAN 1927 d: 01 JUL 1985
Alice Biermann b: 16 MAY 1928 d: 27 SEP 1980
Daniel Joseph Armbruster b: 10 MAY 1932 d: 29 APR 1987
Anne Louise Armbruster b: 17 MAR 1954 d: 10 APR 2010
Kathryn Matilda Armbruster b: 14 MAR 1899 d: 11 NOV 1974
Eugene Dennis McVaney b: 14 FEB 1904 d: 19 JUL 1974
Mary Jeanette McVaney b: 08 MAR 1929 d: 19 JAN 2011
Harold Schwartz (div 82) b: 09 JUN 1928 d: 09 SEP 2001
James Patrick McVaney b: 13 AUG 1930 d: 18 FEB 1994
Thomas Dennis McVaney b: 27 OCT 1935 d: 19 DEC 1999
Donald Eugene McVaney b: 20 FEB 1940 d: 06 OCT 1992
Sigmund Frederick Armbruster b: 27 JUN 1902 d: 12 OCT 1990
Ruth Sarah McGonigal b: 01 NOV 1907 d: 01 JUN 1989
Mardelle Armbruster b: 13 FEB 1928 d: 09 MAR 2002
Robert I Cruse b: 20 DEC 1924 d: 09 MAY 2000
Alice Marie Armbruster b: 25 DEC 1935 d: 1935
Tom L. Armbruster b: 18 NOV 1939 d: 28 JUL 2012
Ann Marie Armbruster b: 07 JAN 1971 d: 07 JAN 1971
Angela Marian (Pete) Armbruster b: 17 DEC 1903 d: 21 MAR 1995
Floyd Edwin Pugh (div) b: 21 OCT 1901 d: 19 SEP 1982
E. L. Byers d: 06 SEP 1977
Albert Harold Armbruster b: 11 JUL 1905 d: 04 FEB 1999
Irene E. Radenz b: 02 JUL 1907 d: 21 JUN 1994
Dalbert Harold Armbruster b: 15 APR 1940 d: 07 SEP 2013
Ann Hedwig Armbruster b: 25 OCT 1900 d: 27 AUG 1970
Robert Adrian Gessner b: 22 NOV 1898 d: 20 DEC 1982
Eugene Adrian Gessner b: 22 JAN 1930 d: 03 NOV 2014
Clarence Bernard Armbruster b: 15 MAY 1907 d: 12 APR 2001
Zona Arlene Barr b: 11 APR 1911 d: 08 AUG 2003
Jeannie Katherine Armbruster b: 01 APR 1941 d: 27 DEC 1993
Godfred (Fred) Armbruster b: 06 JAN 1875 d: 07 NOV 1947
Matilda Sturbaum b: 15 MAR 1878 d: 20 JAN 1960
Mary Catherine Armbruster (Sr.M.Maurice) b: 04 SEP 1898 d: 02 APR 1980
Helen Elizabeth Armbruster b: 25 OCT 1900 d: 13 APR 1998
Walter Kern b: 04 AUG 1893 d: 30 SEP 1973
Katherine Kern b: 04 JUL 1929 d: 15 OCT 1999
Frank A. Corcoran b: 1921 d: 25 FEB 1995
Suzanne Corcoran b: 02 AUG 1950 d: 15 MAR 2009
Julia Valeria Armbruster b: 02 APR 1903 d: 24 MAY 1997
Leonard Pobanz d: 1966
Claude Philip Armbruster b: 23 AUG 1905 d: 29 JAN 1964
Ellen O''Gorman b: 30 NOV 1904 d: 11 MAR 1981
Philip Armbruster b: 14 APR 1931 d: 13 AUG 1986
Claude Gerald Armbruster d: 19 JAN 1939
David Armbruster b: 29 JUN 1942 d: 01 APR 1999
Robert Edward Armbruster b: 18 MAY 1908 d: 04 JUL 1982
Helen Dobney b: 13 MAY 1916 d: 29 DEC 1990
Frances Cecilia Armbruster b: 30 OCT 1910 d: 19 MAY 2004
Joseph Hunker b: 1911 d: 06 AUG 1986
Eva Bernadine Armbruster b: 29 SEP 1916 d: 14 NOV 1969
Edward John Armbruster b: 06 MAR 1877 d: 17 OCT 1967
Anna Rose Fox b: 07 FEB 1881 d: 25 MAY 1978
Myra Margaret Armbruster b: 04 JUN 1901 d: 08 MAR 1981
Florence Marie Armbruster b: 06 SEP 1902 d: 07 APR 1969
Dwight E. Beattie d: 08 FEB 1984
Iris Kathryn Armbruster b: 27 NOV 1904 d: JAN 1987
Samuel W. Alexander d: 12 OCT 1943
Homer (div) (div) d: 07 APR 1979
Symore Darling d: MAY 1971
Frances Patricia Board d: 07 NOV 1954
James Frank Armbruster b: 07 JAN 1911 d: MAR 1986
Louisa Armbruster b: 28 OCT 1880 d: 22 AUG 1907
Johann Armbruster b: 06 MAR 1882 d: 28 FEB 1889
Josef Armbruster b: 09 JUN 1884 d: 18 JUN 1886
Kaethi Armbruster b: 28 JUN 1887 d: 10 MAR 1888
Michael Armbruster b: 03 DEC 1888 d: 12 DEC 1888
Angela Armbruster b: 1893 d: 1893