Armbruster, Louis (Little Lou)

Louis (Little Lou) Armbruster
b: 27 SEP 1876
d: 12 DEC 1964
Louis (Lou) left Iowa as a young man going to Nebraska. He worked ata foundry at Fremont, Nebraska. (At that time the two towns ofFremont and Arlington were somewhat togther as one.)
He then went to Stanton, Nebraska, to work for his Uncle SigmundArmbruster on a farm.

Sigmund had three sons, Fred, Ed and Louis. Louis was tall earninghim the nickname of Big Lou. Because Louis was short, he had thenickname of Little Lou.

While Little Lou was working for Sigmund he met his future wife,Bertha Fuchtman. She was born in Germany and she had come to Americawith her family as a young girl settling at Olean, Nebraska.

After they married they moved to Stanton, Nebraska where they farmed.The land was productive with an orchard near the house.

In 1927 the family moved to a farm near Witten, S. Dakota. In 1931Bertha died of cancer. The family moved to the Hidden Timber areawhere Lou continued to farm. He farmed on what is now the CliffordKlein place. The family's house was a partly basement and sodstructure. Two years later in 1933 the grasshoppers and droughtplauged the area, eventually to wipe Lou and many others out of thefarming business.

Lou then rented a house (then the Lou Wagner place, today is part ofthe Carr Ranch, the house is the home of Emil and Darlene Brei inMission) for the family to store their belongings in and to live inwhen they were home as by this time all the children were working forvarious people. Lou boarded a train in Valentine, NE., heading westto find work. He found work herdidng sheep in Idaho and later atNewell, S. Dakota. He also herded sheep in the Big Horn Mountains ofMontana.

Lou owned a gas station in Kilgore, Nebraska for a time, also.

Lou returned to Todd County in 1936 to stay. He worked for farmersand ranchers in the Hidden Timber area until his bad knees forced himto find a new trade.

The Jesuits at the Saint Francis Mission, St. Francis, S. Dakota,taught Lou the trade of shoe repair. He later opened his own shoerepair shop in Mission which he operated until his retirement. Hisshop doubled as his home.

Upon retirement he lived with his daughters' Jo, Mary and Elsie,primarily Mary until moving to a private home in Valentine, Nebraskathat kept two other retired men. Lou died at the Cherry CountyHospital, Valentine, Nebraska on December 12, 1964. He is buried inMission, S. Dakota at the St. Thomas Catholic Cemetery.
  • 27 SEP 1876 - Birth - ; Riverside, Iowa
  • 12 DEC 1964 - Death - ; Valentine, NE.
  • 09 SEP 2002 - Record Change -
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Anton Armbruster
15 JUN 1807 - 12 AUG 1869
Constantine Armbruster
19 JUN 1833 - 29 DEC 1912
Maria Anna Hund
07 MAR 1807 - 26 JUN 1882
Louis (Little Lou) Armbruster
27 SEP 1876 - 12 DEC 1964
Ann Wombacher
15 FEB 1837 - 21 JUN 1918
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Constantine Armbruster
Birth19 JUN 1833Onsbach Achern, Baden Germany
Death29 DEC 1912 Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Riverside, Iowa
Marriage03 NOV 1862to Ann Wombacher at St. Stanislaus, Riverside, Iowa
FatherAnton Armbruster
MotherMaria Anna Hund
PARENT (F) Ann Wombacher
Birth15 FEB 1837Baltimore, Maryland
Death21 JUN 1918 Riverside, Iowa
Marriage03 NOV 1862to Constantine Armbruster at St. Stanislaus, Riverside, Iowa
FatherJohn Wombacher
MotherEve Valentine
MAlbert Armbruster
Birth26 DEC 1879Washington County, Iowa
Death13 MAY 1949age 69
FMary Ellen Armbruster
Death25 MAY 1949age 84
Marriageto Sigismund Yeggy
FMargaret (Meg) Armbruster
Death25 JUL 1961age 93
Marriageto George Yeggy
FElizabeth (Liz) Armbruster
Death21 DEC 1962age 96
Marriageto Alex Yeggy
FOdelia (Dil) Armbruster
Death22 APR 1962age 92
Marriageto James Walsh
FAnn Armbruster
Death28 MAY 1969age 96
Marriageto Henry Jardan
MFrank Armbruster
Birth22 MAR 1875
Death01 DEC 1930Buried at Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Riverside, Iowa
Marriage25 OCT 1910to Mary Bopp
MLouis (Little Lou) Armbruster
Birth27 SEP 1876Riverside, Iowa
Death12 DEC 1964Valentine, NE.
Marriage10 OCT 1906to Bertha Fuchtman at Aloys, NE.
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Louis (Little Lou) Armbruster
Birth27 SEP 1876Riverside, Iowa
Death12 DEC 1964 Valentine, NE.
Marriage10 OCT 1906to Bertha Fuchtman at Aloys, NE.
FatherConstantine Armbruster
MotherAnn Wombacher
PARENT (F) Bertha Fuchtman
Birth1883Wiedenbrueck, Westfalen, Germany
Death1931 Witten, S. Dak.
Marriage10 OCT 1906to Louis (Little Lou) Armbruster at Aloys, NE.
FLillian (Lillie) Armbruster
Birth12 OCT 1906Stanton, Nebraska;
DeathJAN 1983San Francisco, CA;
Marriage1936to Michael Robert Altmayer (div) at Denver, CO;
MRalph Armbruster
Birth12 DEC 1908Stanton, Nebraska;
Marriage03 MAR 1946to Sophie Wigley at Burke, Idaho
Marriage18 MAY 1937to Private at Omaha, Nebraska
FElsie Mary Armbruster
Birth25 JUL 1912Stanton, Nebraska
Death20 JAN 1984Mission, S. Dak.
Marriage28 DEC 1938to William Daniel Van Epps at St. Thomas Apostolic Church
Marriage04 JAN 1936to Carl Gehlsen at St.TheresaCath., Hidden Timber, S.Dak.; Quality: 3
Marriage02 JUN 1943to Private at StTheresaCath., Hidden Timber, S. Dak.
Marriage30 APR 1942to Aloys Abersfeller at Omaha, NE.
Descendancy Chart
Louis (Little Lou) Armbruster b: 27 SEP 1876 d: 12 DEC 1964
Bertha Fuchtman b: 1883 d: 1931
Lillian (Lillie) Armbruster b: 12 OCT 1906 d: JAN 1983
Ralph Armbruster b: 12 DEC 1908
Elsie Mary Armbruster b: 25 JUL 1912 d: 20 JAN 1984
William Daniel Van Epps b: 05 OCT 1907 d: 16 DEC 1973