Armbruster, Edward John

Edward John Armbruster
b: 06 MAR 1877
d: 17 OCT 1967

After the death of his father, Edward sold the farm that he hadinherited and moved his family to Idaho.
Later moving to San Francisco where he had an antique store.
  • 06 MAR 1877 - Birth - ; Cuming Co., Nebraska
  • 1967 - Burial - ; Coloma Holy Cross Cemetery, San Francisco
  • 17 OCT 1967 - Death - ; San Francisco, CA.
  • 20 NOV 1994 - Record Change -
Anton Armbruster
15 JUN 1807 - 12 AUG 1869
Sigmund Armbruster
02 MAY 1844 - 23 FEB 1914
Maria Anna Hund
07 MAR 1807 - 26 JUN 1882
Edward John Armbruster
06 MAR 1877 - 17 OCT 1967
John Tex
01 JAN 1801 - 09 JAN 1874
Katherina Tex
12 AUG 1849 - 16 JUN 1914
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Sigmund Armbruster
Birth02 MAY 1844Onsbach Achern, Baden Germany
Death23 FEB 1914 Anaheim, CA.
Marriage12 APR 1869to Katherina Tex at St.MaryMagdeline, Omaha, NE.
FatherAnton Armbruster
MotherMaria Anna Hund
PARENT (F) Katherina Tex
Birth12 AUG 1849Luxembourg, Germany
Death16 JUN 1914 Stanton, Nebraska
Marriage12 APR 1869to Sigmund Armbruster at St.MaryMagdeline, Omaha, NE.
FatherJohn Tex
MCarl Ludwig Armbruster
Birth18 JAN 1873Monterey, Cuming Co., Nebraska
Death03 APR 1954Stanton, NE.
Marriage15 JAN 1896to Julia Schulte at Sacred Heart Ch., Olean, NE.
MGodfred (Fred) Armbruster
Birth06 JAN 1875Montery, Cuming Co., Nebraska
Death07 NOV 1947Norfolk, NE.
Marriage06 OCT 1897to Matilda Sturbaum at St. Leo''s Cath., Snyder, NE.
MEdward John Armbruster
Birth06 MAR 1877Cuming Co., Nebraska
Death17 OCT 1967San Francisco, CA.
Marriage09 JUL 1900to Anna Rose Fox at Howells, NE.
FLouisa Armbruster
Birth28 OCT 1880Cuming Co., Nebraska
Death22 AUG 1907Stanton, NE.
MJohann Armbruster
Birth06 MAR 1882Cuming Co., Nebraska
Death28 FEB 1889Cuming Co., NE.
MJosef Armbruster
Birth09 JUN 1884Cuming Co., Nebraska
Death18 JUN 1886Cuming Co., Nebraska
FKaethi Armbruster
Birth28 JUN 1887Cuming Co., Nebraska
Death10 MAR 1888Cuming Co., NE.
MMichael Armbruster
Birth03 DEC 1888Cuming Co., Nebraska
Death12 DEC 1888Cuming Co., NE.
FAngela Armbruster
Birth1893Cuming Co., Nebraska
Death1893Cuming Co., NE.
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Edward John Armbruster
Birth06 MAR 1877Cuming Co., Nebraska
Death17 OCT 1967 San Francisco, CA.
Marriage09 JUL 1900to Anna Rose Fox at Howells, NE.
FatherSigmund Armbruster
MotherKatherina Tex
PARENT (F) Anna Rose Fox
Birth07 FEB 1881Olean, Nebraska
Death25 MAY 1978 Seal Beach, CA.
Marriage09 JUL 1900to Edward John Armbruster at Howells, NE.
FatherPeter Fox
MotherMargaretha Schad
FMyra Margaret Armbruster
Birth04 JUN 1901Nez Perce, Idaho
Death08 MAR 1981Seattle, WA.
Marriage26 DEC 1925to George W. Gahan at HolyTrinityCath., Moscow, Idaho
FFlorence Marie Armbruster
Birth06 SEP 1902Nez Perce, Idaho
Death07 APR 1969Long Beach, CA.
Marriage29 MAY 1930to Dwight E. Beattie at Seattle, WA (Rectory).
FIris Kathryn Armbruster
Birth27 NOV 1904Del Rio, Washington
DeathJAN 1987San Francisco, CA
Marriage15 AUG 1935to Samuel W. Alexander
Marriage01 MAY 1944to Homer (div) (div)
Marriage05 JUN 1960to Symore Darling
MRaymond Frederick Armbruster
Birth07 MAY 1907Stanton, Nebraska
Marriage14 APR 1940to Frances Patricia Board at San Francisco, CA.
Marriage09 JUN 1978to Private at California
MJames Frank Armbruster
Birth07 JAN 1911Stanton, Nebraska
DeathMAR 1986San Francisco, CA.
MarriageAUG 1935to Ida Marie Niemi at DeKalb, IL.
Marriage13 OCT 1945to Vincent J. Diffley at Star of the Sea, San Francisco, CA.
Descendancy Chart
Edward John Armbruster b: 06 MAR 1877 d: 17 OCT 1967
Anna Rose Fox b: 07 FEB 1881 d: 25 MAY 1978
Myra Margaret Armbruster b: 04 JUN 1901 d: 08 MAR 1981
Florence Marie Armbruster b: 06 SEP 1902 d: 07 APR 1969
Dwight E. Beattie d: 08 FEB 1984
Iris Kathryn Armbruster b: 27 NOV 1904 d: JAN 1987
Samuel W. Alexander d: 12 OCT 1943
Homer (div) (div) d: 07 APR 1979
Symore Darling d: MAY 1971
Frances Patricia Board d: 07 NOV 1954
James Frank Armbruster b: 07 JAN 1911 d: MAR 1986