Armbruster, Anton

Anton Armbruster
b: 05 APR 1889
d: 07 JAN 1896
Died of diphtheria1896.
Note from Rose Armbruster: While the family was at the funeral ofAnton on January 7th, when they came home, the youngest childElizabeth had died.
  • 05 APR 1889 - Birth - ; Monterey, Nebraska
  • 07 JAN 1896 - Death - ; Monterey, NE.
  • 20 NOV 1994 - Record Change -
Anton Armbruster
15 JUN 1807 - 12 AUG 1869
Joseph Armbruster
08 DEC 1846 - 07 NOV 1900
Maria Anna Hund
07 MAR 1807 - 26 JUN 1882
Anton Armbruster
05 APR 1889 - 07 JAN 1896
Amalia Armbruster
18 SEP 1846 - 21 OCT 1895
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Joseph Armbruster
Birth08 DEC 1846Onsbach Achern, Baden Germany
Death07 NOV 1900 Cuming Co., Monterey, NE.
Marriage09 JAN 1871to Amalia Armbruster at StMaryMagdeline, Omaha, NE.
FatherAnton Armbruster
MotherMaria Anna Hund
PARENT (F) Amalia Armbruster
Birth18 SEP 1846Baden, Germany(Ensboch)
Death21 OCT 1895 Monterey, Nebraska
Marriage09 JAN 1871to Joseph Armbruster at StMaryMagdeline, Omaha, NE.
FatherAndrew Armbruster
MotherMechtilda Weiser
FHelena Armbruster
Birth11 OCT 1871Monterey, Nebraska
Death27 DEC 1915Monterey, NE.
MJoseph Armbruster
Birth11 JAN 1873Monterey, Nebraska
Death1880Monterey, NE.
FMary Anne Armbruster
Birth12 JAN 1875Monterey, Nebraska
Death1880Monterey, NE.
MHenry Bernard Armbruster
Birth23 JAN 1877Monterey, Nebraska
Death25 MAR 1952Monterey, NE.
FMechtilde Armbruster
Birth07 NOV 1878Monterey, Nebraska
Death08 DEC 1895Monterey, NE.
FAmelia Armbruster
Birth29 DEC 1880Monterey, Nebraska
Death06 OCT 1962Olean, Nebraska
Marriage16 JUL 1902to Frank Steffensmeier at St. Boniface Church, Monterey, NE.
MCharles A. Armbruster
Birth26 OCT 1882Monterey, Nebraska
Death04 MAY 1934Monterey, NE.
MJoseph Armbruster
Birth03 NOV 1884Monterey, Nebraska.
Death17 APR 1958Monterey, NE.
FRose Armbruster
Birth21 MAY 1887Monterey, Nebraska
Death27 NOV 1991Parkview Home, Dodge, NE.
MAnton Armbruster
Birth05 APR 1889Monterey, Nebraska
Death07 JAN 1896Monterey, NE.
FElizabeth Armbruster
Birth11 MAY 1892Monterey, Nebraska
Death07 JAN 1896Monterey, NE.
Descendancy Chart
Anton Armbruster b: 05 APR 1889 d: 07 JAN 1896