Armbruster, Agatha

Agatha Armbruster
b: 05 FEB 1761
d: 17 DEC 1807
Agatha donated 100 florins to the church.

The Florentine florin was a coin struck from 1252 to 1533 with nosignificant change in its design or metal content standard during thattime. It had 54 grains of nominally pure or 'fine' gold (3.5368 grams,0.1125 troy ounce)[1] with a purchasing power difficult to estimate(and variable) but ranging according to social grouping andperspective from approximately 140-1000 modern US dollars. The name ofthe coin comes from the flower of the Giglio bottonato which isrepresented at the head of the coin.
  • 05 FEB 1761 - Birth - ; Onsbach, Achern, Germany
  • 19 DEC 1807 - Burial - ; Onsbach, Achern, Germany
  • 05 FEB 1791 - Christening - ; Fautenbach, Achern, Germany
  • 17 DEC 1807 - Death - ; Onsbach, Achern, Germany
  • 1761 - Religion - Roman Catholic
Christian Armbruster
1678 - 20 JAN 1743
Ludwig Armbruster
1720 - 23 OCT 1775
Magdalena Maisch
1682 - 31 OCT 1736
Agatha Armbruster
05 FEB 1761 - 17 DEC 1807
Luiza Ehmann
14 DEC 1724 - 25 FEB 1790
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Ludwig Armbruster
Birth1720Onsbach, Achern, Germany
Death23 OCT 1775 Onsbach, Achern, Germany
Marriage13 JAN 1749to Luiza Ehmann at Fautenbach, Achern, Germany
FatherChristian Armbruster
MotherMagdalena Maisch
PARENT (F) Luiza Ehmann
Birth14 DEC 1724Onsbach, Achern, Germany
Death25 FEB 1790 Onsbach, Achern, Germany
Marriage13 JAN 1749to Ludwig Armbruster at Fautenbach, Achern, Germany
MAnton Armbruster
Birth20 FEB 1752Onsbach, Achern, Germany
Death18 JAN 1826Onsbach, Achern, Germany
Marriage07 FEB 1774to Magdalena Wilhelm at Fautenbach, Achern, Germany
FMaria Anna Armbruster
Birth27 OCT 1749Onsbach, Achern, Germany
Death04 AUG 1759Onsbach, Achern, Germany
MAndreas Armbruster
Birth20 MAY 1754Onsbach, Achern, Germany
Death03 AUG 1813Onsbach, Achern, Germany
Marriage08 FEB 1779to Anna Maria Bogner at faut
MFranz Josef Armbruster
Birth19 DEC 1756Onsbach, Achern, Germany
Death18 DEC 1777Onsbach, Achern, Germany
FChristine Armbruster
Birth04 MAY 1759Onsbach, Achern, Germany
Death11 JUL 1760Onsbach, Achern, Germany
FAgatha Armbruster
Birth05 FEB 1761Onsbach, Achern, Germany
Death17 DEC 1807Onsbach, Achern, Germany
MJosef Christian Armbruster
Birth19 MAR 1763Onsbach, Achern, Germany
Death31 MAY 1766Onsbach, Achern, Germany
MPhilip Jakob Armbruster
Birth01 MAY 1766Onsbach, Achern, Germany
Death21 APR 1772Onsbach, Achern, Germany
FMaria Magdalena Armbruster
Birth25 FEB 1770Onsbach, Achern, Germany
Death12 MAY 1772Onsbach, Achern, Germany
Descendancy Chart
Agatha Armbruster b: 05 FEB 1761 d: 17 DEC 1807