(Aka Fronie), Sophonia Armbruster

Sophonia Armbruster (aka Fronie)
b: NOV 1872
d: 1948
At the reading of Frank Armbruster's will, Fronie, as she was called,inherited a parcel of land in Sayre, Oklahoma. She sold the land toher half-brothers, Frank and George, because she wanted to stay in theHarrah and McLoud areas to be closer to her own children. She thenbought the house and land on southeast 29th street in downtown McLoud. She lived there until she died in 1948.
  • NOV 1872 - Birth - ; Missouri
  • 1948 - Death - ; McCloud, Oklahoma
Anton Armbruster
15 JUN 1807 - 12 AUG 1869
Frank Armbruster (Franz Anton)
12 AUG 1845 - 01 APR 1937
Maria Anna Hund
07 MAR 1807 - 26 JUN 1882
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Frank Armbruster (Franz Anton)
Birth12 AUG 1845Onsbach Achern, Baden Germany
Death01 APR 1937 Spring Creek, Oklahoma
Marriage1868to Elizabeth Ann Smith at Missouri
Marriage1898to Lou Brock
FatherAnton Armbruster
MotherMaria Anna Hund
PARENT (F) Elizabeth Ann Smith
Death1883 Stephens Co., Okla.
Marriage1868to Frank Armbruster (Franz Anton) at Missouri
FMary Ann Armbruster
DeathJAN 1965Texas
Marriageto Martin Perry Parrish
MarriageAPR 1898to James Wilson at Div 1903
Marriage1905to Charles Batchlear at Greer Co., OK
FEliza Armbruster
Marriageto Joseph Franklin Ritner
FMolly Mary Armbruster
Marriageto Gus Pinner
FSophonia Armbruster (aka Fronie)
BirthNOV 1872Missouri
Death1948McCloud, Oklahoma
Marriage1898to Adolph Gustav Jilge
MJoseph Andrew Armbruster
Birth11 AUG 1878Stephens Co., Okla.
Death21 APR 1939Beckham Co., OK.
Marriage23 DEC 1901to Julia A. Brock
Marriage06 JUN 1905to Nora Elvira Lee
MCharles Armbruster
Birth28 FEB 1879
Death07 JUN 1895Greer Co., OK.
MWilliam Armbruster
Birth23 MAR 1882
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Adolph Gustav Jilge
Birth11 JUN 1874Germany
Marriage1898to Sophonia Armbruster (aka Fronie)
PARENT (F) Sophonia Armbruster (aka Fronie)
BirthNOV 1872Missouri
Death1948 McCloud, Oklahoma
Marriage1898to Adolph Gustav Jilge
FatherFrank Armbruster (Franz Anton)
MotherElizabeth Ann Smith
MAdolph Jilge
Birth31 JAN 1900
Death26 DEC 1990
Marriageto Ruth Echart
FMonnetta Jilge
Death8 yrs. old
MHenry Jilge
DeathDied by accidental gun shot
MArthur Jilge
Birth26 MAY 1907
DeathJAN 1986
Marriageto Florence
FBertha Jilge
Birth20 JUL 1910
Death24 OCT 1992
MLewis Lester Jilge
Birth20 JAN 1913
Death31 MAY 1976
MarriageAUG 1937to Lee Jilge
MAlbert Jilge
FBaby Jilge
FAugusta Mae Jilge
Birth05 JAN 1899
DeathMAR 1973
Marriageto Albert Ronspiez
Descendancy Chart
Sophonia Armbruster (aka Fronie) b: NOV 1872 d: 1948
Adolph Gustav Jilge b: 11 JUN 1874
Adolph Jilge b: 31 JAN 1900 d: 26 DEC 1990
Monnetta Jilge b: 1901
Henry Jilge b: 1903
Arthur Jilge b: 26 MAY 1907 d: JAN 1986
Bertha Jilge b: 20 JUL 1910 d: 24 OCT 1992
Lewis Lester Jilge b: 20 JAN 1913 d: 31 MAY 1976
Albert Jilge b: 1916 d: 1947
Baby Jilge b: 1902
Augusta Mae Jilge b: 05 JAN 1899 d: MAR 1973
Christina Ronspiez b: 10 JUL 1918 d: 11 MAY 1999