Welcome Armbruster's.  Here I hope you'll find information you need about our family and also an easier way to stay in touch!

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I believe this is Sigmund Armbruster and his bride, Katherina Tex on their wedding day, 12 Apr 1869 at St. Mary Magdeline church, Omaha, NE.

here is Carl Louis (C.L.) and Julia (Schulte) Armbruster with their family, Ann, William George, Kathryn, & Sigmund ca 1902.

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And, here is our namesake.  This is an Armbrust, or crossbow.  An Armbruster is a crossbowman, and an Armbrustmacher is, you guessed it, a craftsman who makes crossbows.

This picture was taken at the museum in Stade, Germany by Matt Armbruster during his family's visit there in July of 1994.  This Armbrust dates from the 1600's.